Bleach 529 Spoiler Summaries:

Renji talks with Nimaiya regarding the zanpakutou, why Nimaiya drove Ichigo back home.

Changed scene, Rangiku lietenant, while searching for her captain finds him throwing a old division tray like. (Rangiku) turns the tray over and find the name ‘Shiba Isshin’

Hitsugaya was promoted by Isshin to third-seater at that time. Rangiku blabbered about the promotion.

Isshin went out on a seemingly one man mission.

That time Aizen, Gin and Tousen were in together collabrating something, Aizen was already a captain.

Aizen said to Gin and Tousen: “Everything are in our hand.”


One Piece 701 Spoiler Summary: 

One Piece Chapter 701 – Adventure in nation of Love, Passion, and Toys.

Caribou vol.22 – Caribou sneaks into a building as mud, and the place is a weapons factory!

Sunny docks on Dressrosa, between boudlers.

Luffy with his usual pose, declaring and yelling they’re here, Franky eager to blow up a factory or two.

Luffy tries to ride Momo, but Momo doesn’t know how to fly. Luffy told him he flew before, but Momo can’t remember the act.

He says even if he could, he’d never do such dreadful thing… while vaguely recalling a dark hand reaching out to him (Dofla?) and asking him for his name.

Luffy and Momo have a fight, Luffy mocking him of being scared to fly, and Momo retaliating saying a samurai fears nothing.

Luffy proclaims he doesn’t care about samurai, he’s gonna be a Pirate King one day, Momo bites his head and tells him well then he’s gonna be a shogun of Wano one day

Brook sighs and reminds Luffy he’s fighting an eight year old. lol

Kin steps in and scolds his son, telling him to respect the one who saved his life.

Kin tells him samurai of Wano have high pride, but also tells Luffy to not be so caught up arguing an eight year old.

Luffy tells him he doens’t like cowards. Luffy and Momo stick tongue at each other

Kin will provide them with disguises on the island. He claims men all wear shirts and suits, while women are all naked. (Nami: LIES!)

Law hand Nami a vivre card that points towards Zou, incase something was to happen to them.

Law shows the Straw Hats a map of Dressrosa one of his crew drew.

Team handing Ceasar over to Doflamingo will pass through Dressrosa and head north, over a long bridge, to Green Bit.

Apparently you cannot get there on ship.

Law, Usopp, Robin (and Caesar) are the team heading to Green Bit.

Nami, Momo, Brook, and Chopper will look after the Sunny

The rest will head to destroy the factories.

There are sevreal things Dressrosa is known for…

The beautiful fields of flowers.

The scent of delicious food the island is known for

The third is tireless, passionate dances of women.

(Dressrosa is very…. Spain. Women dancing flamenco and such)

And one more thing the island is known for….

A doll is chasing a dog who snagged one of her arms off.

A toy soldier notices the Straw Hats, he saw them on the newspaper today.

A marching band of toys cross the street.

The island is full of living, sentient toys living together in harmony with humans!!


- In the cover, Caribou enter in a building with people making arms.

- Mugiwara crew arrive to Dressrosa.

- 3 groups: Caesar, Robin, Law and Usopp; Chopper, Brook, Nami and Momonosuke; Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Kinemon and Franky.

- Some people in Dressrosa are toys.

- Luffy´s group enter in a Casino (they are dress up).

- There´s a man with scars that create a big hole in the casino.

—-  END —--

The title of Bleach 528 is "Every Thing But The Rain". It's a raining day in this chapter. Ichigo finds out that he is back to the real world in his human body. Ichigo's first reaction is to call for Urahara but realizes Urahara is still in Hollow Land.  Isshin hears Ichigo's voice and comes to the door, only to find Ichigo runs away.
Ichigo wanders to Ikumi's apartment to get cleaned up from standing in the rain. Ikumi can see Ichigo is feeling down again. Later, Isshin appears in front of Ichigo in his shinigami form and then he takes Ichigo him.
It's still raining. Isshin finally decides to tell Ichigo the truth. But I got a feeling that Ichigo is afraid to know it. Isshin tells Ichigo that his mother Masaki was a quincy. Just like many readers said, she's a quincy! To be honest, I didn't feel surprised when I read this in Bleach 528.
It's very likely Bleach 529 is the love story of Isshin and Masaki. Recent chapters of Bleach are sort of romantic.


One Piece 700 Spoiler Summary:

ONEPIECE Chapter 700: His own pace (referring to Luffy’s)
Caribou got curious and returned… only to find the soldiers looking for him. He hides from them.

As the world tumbles in chaos, several of Doflamingo’s clients tries to reach him.
One of his client is in middle of a civil war, and if they can’t get the weapons from Doflamingo, they will lose.
Bonny is wearing a coat that covers all her body (to hide?), reading all this in a newspaper.
Many others around the world read the news, wondering what Dofla is up to… and if there are more information about this.
Included are some random pirates, thugs on streets… and Jinbe.

Meanwhile in Captain Kid’s hideout in the New World..
Apooo (probably) yells out why their alliance is already revealed, and who the hell this news reporter Abusa is.
Apparently this news reporter is known for reporting multiple scoops in the recent times… (a contact in the underworld?)
Kid assumes Luffy & Law is also after a Yonkou, just like they are, and wonders who they are after.

Meanwhile in Dressrosa, the loli is sitting staring at countless den-den mushi ringing for the retired king.
Doflamingo is on the phone with Law. “It’s me. I quit Shichibukai”
Luffy jumps on the phone and yes “Hello! Hello! This is Monkey D Luffy, the man who will be the pirate king!”
He then tells him they’ll return Ceasar since it’s a promise, but if you’re Ceasar’s boss who did all those horrible things to the kids and Brownbeard, he’ll come kick his ass if he ever does it again. lol
Dofla ignores the threat, and asks where Luffy, the brother of Ace… has been for the past two years.
Luffy replies it’s a secret he’s not supposed to tell.
Dofla tells him he has something in his possession that Luffy wants.
Luffy assumes he has some delicious meat. Of course.
Law stops Luffy, warning him to not let him control the conversation at his pace.

Law tells Dofla to cut the chatter, and that he will return Caesar as promised.
Dofla first confirms his “business partner”‘s saftey by listening to Caesar’s voice.
Law tells him the exchange will be done eight hours from now, at the southern beach of Green Bit, located north of Dressrosa.
They will leave him there at 3PM, he can come recover him after that. There will be no contact.
Dofla says that’s a shame, he would have liked a drink or two with Law all grown up.. but Luffy cuts the phone.
Luffy says Dofla was about to control the conversation at his pace again, while his eyes are still meat-on-bones.

Sanji is worried Dofla will bring his whole crew, but Law says that doesn’t matter.
This whole returning Caesar business is really just to buy time.
The plan is to use this time to attack the SMILE factories on Dressrosa, but there is one problem… Law doesn’t know where the factory is.
That was one crucial information he could not obtain, the factory may be hidden somewhere.
Law claims he has never been to Dressrosa.

Luffy is already thinking about the adventures on Dressrosa, and wants to also go to Wano soon after.
Law warns him they need to make plans, they can’t just show up there, but Luffy is already not listening, he and the Strawhat crew are already on to talking about breakfast.
Law is sucked into the conversation, saying he’s not fond of bread…. only to catch himself getting sucked into Luffy’s “pace”. LOL

Kin can’t tell the crew WHY he was being chased, but originally he set out to find the place known as Zoe (Zou/Zoe)
Law is surprised to hear this, going there was his next objective after destroying the factory on SMILE. His crew are waiting there (Bepo “AIAI!”)
Kin wants to ask them if they can tag along but is hesitent from asking, but Luffy immediately says they’ll go along all the way to Wano.
Law: Hey! Wait, hold on there!

Three samurai and Momo.. the four of them were sailing for Zoe, but got lost on the sea.
Two samurai (including Kin) and Momo made it to Dressrosa. But they were chased by Doflamingo and Momo ended up sneaking onto a ship full of ill children.
The other samurai Kanjuro sacrificed himself to allow Kin to chase the ship, and is held at Dressrosa still.
Luffy & co are moved by the tale, and swears to go rescue Kanjuro, while Law desperately tries to convince them to stay on the plan.

Meanwhile, at New World Marine HQ…
Commodore Brannew is explaining the importance of Shichibukai to board full of marine officials,
The current seven were…
“Hawkeye” Mihawk – the world’s greatest swordsman
“Ten-yasha (Heavenly Devil)” Donquioxte Doflamingo – King of Dressrosa and Charisma of evil
“The Tyrant” Bertholomew Kuma – The Human weapon of the marines
“Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock – Current Empress of Amazon Lily
“Surgeon of Death” Trafalga Law – The mastermind behind the Rocky Port incident
“Clown of thousand coins” Buggy – the leader of the Pirate Ditachment Organiztion and a living legend
Plus the aforementioned man… making it seven. (Looks like Brannew was talking about the mysterious seventh shichibukai before we were cut to thsi scene)

But that all changed this morning as Dofla suddenly quit the Shichibukai.
This will cause an unbalance in the world order! Sakazuki tells Brannew he is aware of all this.
He won’t let Law or the Straw Hats have their way. He got the report from Smoker in G-5, and already dispatched Fujitora.

Meanwhile in Dressrosa..
The crowd outside the palace are begging for their king to not abandon his throne
Baby 5 is looking for master Trevor, and asks the loli where he is. She doesn’t know.
The old man and woman of Dofla’s crew are wondering what the master is planning to do, while the fat man is flexing saying he’ll take on any marines that come.
Trevor finds Baby 5, and approaches her. Trevor is a slimy, ugly man. He is both slimy in appearance and attitude, which Baby 5 cannot stand. She tells him Dofla is calling for him, to bring him “the goods”. (revealed at later…)
Trevor jokes about Baby 5 picking the wrong men, and she should marry him instead
To which Baby 5 goes into her usual “he needs me!” behavior, which the geezer duo puts a stop to.

Dofla is talking to a man named Diamante, the “hero” of the colosseum.
He commends his work at making the colosseum a success. Diamante tells Dofla the credit is all yours, as a charismatic king.
But Dofla insists Diamante is the hero of the colosseum, and the credit is his.
Dofla almost takes back what he said after Diamante replies again he isn’t worth, but Diamante stops him in his tract “Well in THAT case, I shall admit. I AM the hero of the colosseum!!”

While the two are having this rediculous conversation, the slime-man Trevor appears to bring him “the goods”.A small treasure chest.
Dofla says if the Straw Hat finds out about this, he will do everything in his power to obtain it.
His “alliance” will be nothing but a shackle to him.
Dofla entrusts “it” to Diamante, to which Diamante refuses saying he is not worthy.
Dofla insiists. Diamante insists. Dofla almost gives up, when Diamante cuts him short “OK I ADMIT I’M A GENIUS!”

What’s inside the treasure chest is Ace’s Mera-mera fruit.
Dofla laughs, the Straw Hat wouldn’t want anyone else having this fruit, now would he? Fuffuffu!

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats arrive at Dressrosa – the island of Love and Passion.
The island is surrounded by massive boulders,
“We’re here! Dressrosa!”

End of One Piece 700 chapter

Naruto 621 is a good chapter. The fight of Hashirama and Madara is awesome. Susanoo-armoured Nine-Tails revealed by Madara, the gigantic wooden construct summoned by Hashirama, which was enough to at least redirect the attack etc. are really epic! Their battle is really great and no one can reach that level. People can't help comparing Hashirama and Madara with Naruto and Sasuke. Maybe these two pairs do have some similarity, but after all, Naruto is not Hashirama, and Sasuke is not Madara. Not just because Hashirama and Madara are much stronger than Naruto and Sasuke, Hashirama is talented, and in Naruto 621, it seems that he is even more excellent than Madara when he was a kid. So he wants to surpass Hashirama and Hashirama is the goal he chases.
I was so glad that I can get to know more about Hashirama and Madara. I like this chapter. Hashirama is the strongest! I knew!

Bleach 527 Spoilers summary :

Bleach volume 58 cover is Yamajii

This week’s color page is Unohana
Kenpachi stabbed Unohana, but he also holds on her, Unohana and Kenpachi have a few chat and flashbacks, including the battle between Kenpachi and the previous kenpachi (the previous kenpachi is the one that appears in the character book – Kiganjou Kenpachi)
Looks like Unohana is dead, but still unsure, lets wait for the text(translation) in this week’s chapter and also the future plot.
Panel switches to Renji and Ichigo, Nimaiya announced that Renji has passed, however Ichigo is lying over there and was told that he did not passed, in the end it seems like Nimaiya trapped Ichigo in the place.
the end.

One Piece 699 Spoilers Summaries:

青雉と戦う気は無いといい立ち去るドフラ ひとつ教えてくれ お前いったい何者なんだクザン 良い評判はき かねぇぞと言うドフラ

青雉 『最初から世界政府が全てだとはおもっちゃいねえよ 海軍に所属しなくても実行できることは有る し ょぞくしねえからみえるもんも有る』


今回の事実をサカヅキに伝えて達をうごかせと言う青雉 新海軍本部始まって以来のドデケェ 山になる
一味の場面 同日夜 海上
うそっぷたちは警戒してた。捜索隊がくるんじゃないかと思って錦衛門に鎧かぶとを出してもらっ たらしい
ゾロと錦衛門がバトル ゾロの秋水を見て墓荒らしの犯人だとおもわれ襲われる。
もものすけはロビンとシャワータイム ロビンエロいお
もものすけは腹グロ子供w ナミとロビンに甘やかされてドヤ顔
そして翌朝 新聞にはドフラの脱退と王位の放棄が発表
そしてローとルフィの同盟、 あぷ―とキッドとホーキンスの同盟も新聞に

Although Aokiji warns him to stop, Dofla doesn’t listen and tries to finish off Smoker.
Dofla is frozen. But he’s not frozen to the core, he breaks out of the ice by himself.

Dofla leaves saying he has no intention to fight Aokiji.
He asks “But tell me one thing… what exactly are you, Kuzan? I don’t hear very good things about you.”
Dofla: The face of an ordinary wanderer isn’t the same as the face of someone determined.

The marines tend to Smoker
Aokiji: From the start I’ve never believed the World Government is all there is.
There are things I can accomplish without being in the marine. There are things I can see by not being affliated with anyone.
Smoker thinks Aokiji has some connections with the underground and that’s how he knew this place.

Aokiji: Hey, Smoker, you know I’m still just me.
Smoker: If that’s so… then fine.
Aokiji came here riding a giant PENGUIN (LOOOOOOLLL)

Dofla is the current KING of Dressrosa.
Aokiji is going to inform Sakazuki of what took place, so the marines will move their forces.
This will be the biggest case the New Marine has ever dealt with (as in, after the change the marines went through two years ago)

Meanwhile, on the seas
Usopp and others are wary there will be search parties after them, and had Kin-emon summon samurai armor for them. LOL
Zoro and Kin-emon have a fight. Kin-emon notices Zoro’s Shuusui,and thought he robbed a grave for it.
Meanwhile Momo is taking shower with Robin. Robin is looking sexxyy
Brook, Sanji, and Kin-emon are jealous. Naturally.
Momo is quite a clever scheming child, he puts on a proud face as he is treated by Nami and Robin.

Next morning… the newspaper reports Dofla leaving the Shichibukai, as well as retiring from the throne at Dressrosa.
Law & Luffy alliance, and Appoo/Kid/Hawkins alliance are shown on the newspaper as well.

Dressrosa falls in chaos.
Doflamingo recieves another call from Law….

End of One Piece 699 chapter Spoilers

It seems that the battle of Unohana and Zaraki is ended in chapter 526 of Bleach .  Unohana goes bankai in this chapter. I don't know how to describe her bankai. This fight is just good. Zaraki finally "awakens" and realizes this is the "fighting" he has been looking for, as Unohana wish. Silently, Unohana and Zaraki agree thtat they both live for fighting. Unohana has developed her healing techniques so that she can keep on fighting, while Zaraki limited himself so he can enjoy fighting. That's the different of them. When Unohana fought Zaraki for the first time, she realized that Zaraki would take over the title of Kenpachi and that her job is to bring him to the next level. She knew it.
At the end of this chapter, Unohana silently bids farewell as Zaraki stabs her with his sword. I felt sad when I saw this. I don't want to see Unohana die in this way. Can Zaraki stop his blade in time? I hope Bleach 527 will not be a sad chapter.


One Piece Chapter 698 - Doflamingo appears!
The old granny sends off Caribou to the port
The weakness to Caesar’s gas is that, it takes half a day for the poison to kill someone after it petrifies them.
As long as they release them from the gas shells before then, they can be saved
Smoker let Brownbeard go get his men… Brownbeard thanks him and promises he’ll return to be captured once he saves his men.
The G-5s have the headless bodies of Buffalo and Baby 5.
Right in front of the marines’ eyes, the heads of Buffalo and Baby 5 comes flying to the body, reattaching themsleves!
It was Doflamingo who arrived with the heads. He instantly takes out chunk of the G5 using unseen methods, simply flying past them.
He used the Coqueror’s Haki!
The marines question why a Shichibukai is attacking the marines, and pulls out their guns.
Smoker tells his men to stop it, but too late… Doflamingo shoot out strings at the G-5, slicing at their weapons and bodies.
Smoker retaliates, but pissed off Dofla simply demands to know where Luffy and Law escpaed to.
Smoker tells him he doesn’t know, “Joker”. He also brings up Vergo, letting Dofla know that he has the knowledge of who he really is….
Doflamingo attacks, and following panel is nothing but smoke and blood….
 Meanwhile, the Strawhats and the Sunny is going down a “Sea Slope”.
According to Law, that’s nothing unusual lol.
Franky is explaining to Brook (who insists on calling Mini Merry 2 “little Sheep”) how he used the waterways in the lab to get Sunny to Mini Merry 2 and recover it. Meanwhile, Nami tells Luffy they are heading to Dressrosa, in a roundabout way per Law. Kinemon is surprised at this, that’s exactly where he was heading as well.
Luffy asks Law who he was talking to, and he replies Doflamingo. Usopp screams “Isn’t that the most dangerous Shichibukai!?”
Law tells them the operation has already started. Zoro asks him “what operation?” Luffy ask Law to explain his plans.
Those who didn’t know yell “What!? Form an alliance to take down a Yonkou!?”
Zoro smiles, he likes the idea. Luffy expalins he’s allied with Law’s crew, so let’s get along well.
Usopp and Nami are still against the idea, but the others seem unconcerned, including Sanji and Brook.
Sanji advises Law that the “Alliance” he has in mind is probably not going to be the same as Luffy’s idea of one. LOL.
Sanji says “Oh so that’s why Luffy was going on about kidnapping. That’s so unlike his style, I was wondering.
Good, if I was supposed to cook this strange looking goat here (pointing at CC) I wouldn’t have known what to do.”
CC tells them you fools don’t know what you’re messing with, there will be bigshots coming for their heads now.
Know your foolishness and die!
Sanji immediatesly beats him up, to which Chopper complains CC is still being treated. “Do it after he’s recovered!” LOL
Law continues to explain. He asked for them to kidnap CC, while he destroyed the facility to create SAD.
Major pirates in the New World controls a turf, and countless subordinates. They rule the sea like massive crime syndicates.
This is unlike the first half of grandline, going against them as a single pirate group, you won’t even get to see the bosses’ faces!
(which is kinda funny Law says this… since that’s exactly what Straw Hats have been doing lol)
However, they are still underground society. To not be seen by the marines, most dealings happen in the dark.
Doflamingo has the most power and influence among them. His name in the crime world is “Joker”.
And Joker’s biggest client is the Yonkou, Kaido of Hundred Beasts.
Kinemon and Momo reacts to that name with surprise. But when asked, they feign nothing and ask them to continue…
Kinemon: Whoa!? What’s this dragon!? Where’s Momonosuke!?
Luffy: You’re talking to him
Kinemon: WHAT!? Oh yeah… I see. So that’s how it is.
Law continues, he is going after Kaidou’s head. The key to defeating him is lessening his power.
Right now Kaidou is buying massive amounts of SMILE devil fruits from Joker.
Usopp: Wait, artificial? Doesn’t that mean they can increase the number of devil fruit users limitlessly?
Law: That’s correct. Because it’s artificial, apparently there are some risks to it… but using this, Kaido currently has over 500 devil fruit users in his crew.
Usopp: Anyone wants out? Me!
Chopper: Me!
Nami: Me!
Zoro: Shut up.
Law: But there won’t be any more increase in devil fruit users.
Sanji and few others approach CC.
Sanji: This guy created them!?
Chopper: (sparkly eyes) Ww you made those devil fruits? SAD is awesome!
CC blushes
Law explains CC was adopting the “Linage Factor” found by Vegapunk
Sanji and Chopper leaves CC’s side “Oh, so the great one is Vegapunk afterall”
CC: Shut up! Can you make them? No? you idiots!
Somewhere in Dressrosa is the SMILE factory. They need to find it and destroy it.
Luffy asks Kinemon he is heading there as well, to which Kinemon confirms.
A comrade of them is captured there!!!
Meanwhile… Dofla is near finishing off Smoker.
The G5 pleads him to spare Smoker, but Dofla says not to worry…
He doesn’t know who knows what, so he’s simply going to kill every last one of you
And he also vows to find where Law and Straw Hats are before this day is over.
Aokiji appears behind Doflamingo, telling him to get off of Smoker.
He’s a friend of his.
No chapter next week.
(Spoiler from
We all know that the previous hokages are revived in chapter 618. I'm now curious how they react for this.
It's kinda funny for those first and second hokage to brought back to life twice. I wonder how Hashirama reacts when he sees his face on Madara's chest; how Minato reacts when he finds that Obito is Tobi the man fought against him years ago...Orochimaru's move surprises us, and I can't see how things will go.
Now the Hokages are back. I wonder what it means for this war. Why Orochimaru revives them? To fight Madara/Obito/Juubi or Shinobi Alliance? Which side will he stand? I  don't know but no matter which side he will join, this will cause a great change. This war will be more fierce! I hope Hokages can join Shinobi Alliance. After all, Juubi is too strong. Madara and Obito are not that easy to defeat. So...that will be a great help to Naruto and Shinobi Alliance.
Thinking about this, I can't wait to read Naruto 619 now.